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Save $50 on an Email Audit This Summer

Updated: Jun 5

Email audits are the best way to get a grasp on what is happening with your emails and to up your email strategy game.

To help with budget season, we're doing a special this summer: $300 for an email platform audit, normally $350.

Our audits include:

  • Deep dive look at every aspect of your email platform such as:

    • Email stats from the last 6 months

    • Email design and content review

    • Use of platform audit (using campaigns, engagement scoring, web tracking, etc.)

    • Audience evaluation (emailing everyone or segmenting?)

    • Recommendations for improvements based on your data, best practices, and our experience with other similar Associations.

    • and more...

  • An in-depth report report

  • 1 hour call to discuss the report

Still unsure? Here's what Tom Chambers, Director Community and Development of HEUG had to say about his latest audit:

"In the maze of marketing uncertainties, Email Maven emerged as our guiding light. Through the meticulous review process of an audit, they provided the clarity we desperately needed. Their expert analysis not only identified areas for improvement but also offered actionable insights for success. From affirming our strengths to pinpointing weaknesses, they delivered a roadmap to navigate the complexities of marketing with confidence. If you seek clarity, compliance, and confidence in your marketing strategies, Email Maven is the solution you've been searching for."

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