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About Email Maven

When I tell people that I'm an email expert and I help people with all their email platform needs, people automatically ask, why?

I lived in Northern Virginia and worked for a large trade association for 7 years. I've networked with countless association executives and continually hear about their email challenges. I knew that if there was an agency that were experts on all things email, all of their challenges could be alleviated. 

Email is the work horse of marketing. My team and I bring years of experience working for associations, in marketing, communications, governance, and membership departments.


We are email platform experts, content creators, project managers, bingers of best practices, data driven deciders, and innovators.


Most importantly, we believe in collaborating to get your work done, not just telling you what needs to be done.​

Let us be part of your team,

Amber Worthen

CEO, Email Maven

Amber Worthens Family
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