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Updated: Apr 5

Email Maven Logo

ASW Communications was created in the fall of 2019 – I created the company name with my initials, which was a childhood dream of mine. As ASW Communications has grown I’ve learned that “ASW” blends in with Association acronyms, rather than stand out.

People rarely refer to our business name, rather it’s called “Amber’s Company” or "Do you mean AWS like Amazon?". With my team expanding and our services honed in we needed a rebrand that was memorable. Enter Email Maven.

Thanks to Deb Gabor & CEO School we did a full brand evaluation through brand exercises and reframed our brand promise, voice, ideal client, look, and more. The wonderful Priscilla Blanchot brought everything together with our new logo and look.

What do you think? How'd we do on our logo, homepage, and list of services?

I appreciate the feedback,

Amber Worthen

CEO, Email Maven

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