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Re-Engagement Email Campaigns

"What is a typical welcome email campaign?"

"What is a typical renewal email campaign?"

These are the two questions we get often, and the answer is always - it depends on your overall strategy. Ideally, you have a short welcome campaign, then a re-engagement campaign, then a typical 60 day out renewal campaign.

The next question is almost always, "What is a re-engagement campaign?"

A Re-Engagement Campaign is an active response to members who are not engaging with your emails. Once a member is welcomed into the organization, we should be watching email statistics to see if members continue to engage with our emails or not.

In Higher Logic’s Informz platform this is very easy to do - set up engagement scoring - and anytime someone falls into the D or F category they are considered not engaged.

Once they are deemed not engaged, pop them into an automated campaign consisting of 2-3 emails. The emails should include content like:

  1. Are you getting the emails from us that you want? If no, tailor your email preferences here so we can get you the content that is right for you.

  2. Are you receiving our emails? If no, here’s a link to our resource to help you whitelist our emails to ensure they end up in your inbox.

  3. Do you have feedback for us about your member experience? Link to an open survey where they can say whatever is on their mind.

When a re-engagement campaign is run, in the middle of a membership cycle, Association staff are able to see who is at risk for not renewing.

Help the members at risk get the resources they need, get the emails they want (even if it is none), and ultimately listen and respond to their feedback.

Then when renewal cycle starts, you aren’t starting from, “Have you seen our top 5 resources?” Or “We’re pretty amazing, renew for another year!” And hope they’ve had a good year and want to renew.

Instead, you will be setting yourself up for a successful renewal campaign by ensuring that your members needs have been met before you ask them for money.

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