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Budgeting for Email Needs in 2025

Updated: Jun 11

Budgeting season is upon us. If you have any email goals, here are some budget ideas to keep in mind:

Moving Email Platforms

Starting at $6,000

Once your new email platform is selected and the integration is set up, it becomes the marketing team's challenge to fully establish the account so it is working well, while doing their day jobs. It is a lot of work, often taking the team months to a year to accomplish it. We stand up the new email platforms fast, and fully train staff along the way.

Email Staffing Support

Ranges from $3,500 - $8,000 per month

(Most clients pay between $3,500 - $5,500)

Have any foreseeable email staffing gaps? Or have busy times when extra expert hands would be helpful? Email Maven is an email staffing agency, we become part of your team to get your emails out the door. This ranges from basic assistance during busy times to fully managing email schedules, creating content, designing, sending, and reporting on all emails.


Ranges from $2,000 to $10,000

Does the C-Suite, Marketing or Communications team have email communication goals for 2025? We do Innovation Blitz’s to help teams accomplish those goals fast. Association staff are notoriously busy and have limited time to get to innovative strategies that will provide positive results.

Examples include:

  • Email strategies based in data, best practices, and on case studies from other Associations

  • New member welcome campaigns

  • Member renewal & winback campaigns

  • Conference and event promotions strategies and email designs that work

  • Email content & design refreshes

  • Consistent reports on email statistics

Need improvements but not sure where to start?

Audits: $300 (normally $350)

If you would like an unbiased look at your emails to identify what is working well and what isn’t, schedule an audit now. Leave with a report full of recommendations on potential improvements, rooted in data and best practices, that could be implemented in 2025.

See what recent clients have to say:

"I've had a consistently positive experience working with Amber and her team over the years. Their expertise in setting up Informz accounts and optimizing them is noteworthy, as seen in Kellen's case. The seamless setup had a tangible impact on our operations and they always provide attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and dedication to client success. For organizations aiming to enhance email marketing strategies, Amber's innovative solutions and personalized approach make Email Maven a standout choice in the industry." - Kim Chhabria, Group Vice President, Shared Services - Kellen
"Amber and her team provided invaluable support on multiple projects, ranging from day-to-day email management to a full audit and redevelopment of our automated messages and campaigns. They covered staffing gaps and advanced our strategic email development. Their work is quick, precise, and adaptable. If you need email support right now, contact Email Maven. They'll hit the ground running." - Jason Bellamy, SVP, Member Experience - American Physical Therapy Association
In the maze of marketing uncertainties, Email Maven emerged as our guiding light. Through the meticulous review process of an audit, they provided the clarity we desperately needed. Their expert analysis not only identified areas for improvement but also offered actionable insights for success. From affirming our strengths to pinpointing weaknesses, they delivered a roadmap to navigate the complexities of marketing with confidence. If you seek clarity, compliance, and confidence in your marketing strategies, Email Maven is the solution you've been searching for. - Tom Chambers, Director Community and Development - HEUG

Learn more about our services and get answers to frequently asked questions here.

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