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Hit Send with Confidence: Our Step-by-Step Email Checklist

Do you get anxiety hitting send on an email going to thousands of your members? We used to, too.

When I was first sending out emails to 80,000+ people at the American Physical Therapy Association years ago, I was always terrified about forgetting to do something before I hit send.

Then one day, I did forget, and I left in [Add Preheader Here] rather than inputting the preheader. I was mortified, but I moved on. Since, I’ve seen many companies – large and small – do the same thing, because we are all human and we’re all rushing emails out the door.

I created an email send checklist to mitigate the chance of sending an email out with a missing piece. Now, my team and I use it daily. Take 2 minutes before clicking send to run through the list, and you’ll feel confident that your email is ready to send.

Access the checklist here and transform your pre-send routine into a seamless, error-free process!

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