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Podcast: Association Email Tips and Benchmarks

We all want our emails to be great, right?

But when you work for an association you're often cranking them out last minute, while juggling several other priorities. So where do you start when it comes to making your emails better?

I loved talking to Kelly Whelan on Higher Logic’s podcast, The Member Engagement Show! We had a great conversation around the challenges we faced, and staff still face today, and how to combat them.

Listen and get ideas for:

📧 Accomplishing a lot with a small email marketing team.

📧 Effectively introducing email automation.

📧 Gaining insights from email metrics.

📧 Providing a better, targeted experience for your members.

If you're ready to take your association's email marketing to the next level and provide your members with a truly exceptional experience, then this episode is for you.

Listen at the link below! 👇

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