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Google & Yahoo Email Deliverability Changes

Updated: Apr 5

In February 2024, the email landscape is set for a significant shift. Google and Yahoo have announced new deliverability rules that will impact how commercial emails are sent and received globally. If you're sending over 5,000 individual emails daily to these platforms, these changes are crucial.

The New Rules

Email Authentication: Implementing DKIM, SPF, and DMARC protocols is now essential. This step is crucial for verifying your identity as a sender and preventing spoofing attacks.

Simplified Unsubscription: Google and Yahoo will require a one-click unsubscribe process in all commercial emails. This move aims to enhance user experience and reduce spam complaints.

Spam Complaint Rate: Keep your spam complaint rate below 0.3%. This new threshold is a call to maintain high-quality, permission-based email lists.

Inactive Account Deletion: Starting December 2023, Google will delete inactive accounts over two years old, potentially affecting your email list health and deliverability.


Steps to Take

Review Your Authentication: Ensure that your emails are properly authenticated. Your email provider should have a link that shows if your account is authenticated or not, and steps to authenticate. You’ll need to work with whomever oversees your hosting domain to complete the authentication.

Update Your Unsubscribe Process: Audit your current unsubscribe process for your email subscribers by sending yourself some emails and click through to ensure the unsubscribe link is easily accessible, straightforward, works correctly and is a one-click process. If it isn’t, change it!

Monitor Your Email Stats & List: How often are your emails getting spam complaints? If it’s over 0.3% then it’s time to get curious and see why that’s happening.

Next, regularly clean your email list. Remove inactive users and those who haven’t engaged with your emails for an extended period. We hate to remove members from our emails, so if they haven’t engaged with your emails for a while try to re-engage them before removing them from the list.


Additional Resources From Email Providers


Why It Matters

These changes are not just about compliance; they're about improving the overall email ecosystem. By adopting these best practices, you're not only aligning with Google and Yahoo's requirements but also enhancing your audience's experience. It's a win-win for both senders and receivers.

Remember, preparation is key. Start making these changes now to avoid any disruptions in your email marketing campaigns come 2024. If you need guidance or have questions about navigating these updates, feel free to reach out!


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