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How to Successfully Run a Re-Engagement Campaign

Updated: Apr 5

The power of email preferences

What do we do with people who are not engaging with our emails? The first option we try are Re-Engagement Campaigns. These are automated campaigns that nurture members to change their email preferences so we can get them the emails they want.

Some Associations are very casual and funny on the email language - by starting out with We Get You Don't Like Our Emails..... where others are more personal with Let's Get You The Emails You Want.....

Your company voice and character needs to determine how those emails are written.

The Strategy

People are triggered into the campaign if they hit a low engagement score

(we recommend targeting low click rates over the course of 60 days)

Remove anyone in the low engagement score campaign out of all non-essential emails while the campaign is running (3 weeks).

3 emails, each sent 7 days apart, set up in an automated campaign. The 3 emails should be centered around:

Email #1: We see you haven’t been opening our emails recently, is it time for a change? Let us know what emails you would like to receive or opt out of by updating your email preferences.

Email #2: Re-purpose a welcome email that highlights the top 5 best resources your Association has to offer. If you have any promotions to offer (free course, discount on registration), include it too. Include a p.s. at the bottom that says: If you’d like to modify the emails you receive from us, please let us know (link to email preferences).

Email #3: Acknowledge that you appreciate their membership and notice that they aren’t engaging in your emails, is there feedback they’d like to provide? Give a link to a simple survey that them to share their feedback on your emails and communications.

Why Does it Matter?

We need to listen to our members. If they aren't engaging with our emails maybe they just don't like getting information that way, maybe they prefer social media or communities. Or maybe your monthly newsletter is enough. We need to give members the information they want, even if it leaves less people on our email lists.

Be generous in reminding members they have a choice to select what emails they want to receive.

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