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Setting up Engagement Scoring & Why it Matters

Updated: Apr 5

Email Send Report

Informz offers an engagement scoring grid that allows you to quickly see how your emails are performing based on opens and clicks. Plus it's quick to set up. This is helpful as a data point for quick reference and an easy way to target engaged or not engaged members based on the emails you are sending.

Set Up

Access your email benchmarks to know what your A score should be (it’s typically around 35% open and 20% click). Get there by going to a sent email > click in > on the dashboard of reports click “Benchmarking Details”.

Once you have your benchmark percentages that, it is your A score, then tier it down until the F score is 0. It would look something like this:

Higher Logic Engagement Scoring Example
Higher Logic Engagement Scoring Example

Set for 60 days because we want to see how people are engaging over a good amount of time. You can easily refresh this list to be shorter time periods if you need a quick report on that, but as a general touch point – 60 days is ideal.

What's Next?

This automatically creates target groups in the system, you now have 4 target groups based on member's engagement. Members with A scores are your Email Influencers. Members with F scores are at risk of not renewing.

Email Strategies

Some ideas on how to use these target groups:

  1. If you are launching a new product, services, or wish your members knew about something generally important = email your Group A & B members. They are engaged members, treat them like influencers who want to be in the know!

  2. Members falling in the F category need some attention. A few ideas:

    1. Remove F categories from non-essential emails to decrease their email fatigue.

    2. If they fall into this group, send them into an Engagement Campaign

    3. Make a personal reach out to them BEFORE asking them to renew their membership.

Why it Matters

We need to be aware of our members interactions with email and to respond appropriately. If your Associations members mostly fall into the F category, it's time to re-think all email strategies. If you have a decent mix of members in each category then create strategies to get them moved up to the next highest score.

Stay curious #EmailExperts, use this as an added data point to do so!


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