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Podcast: Communications That Connect and Engage

Updated: Apr 5

It’s always a pleasure to talk to Dave Will and Tom Morrison, their podcast Association Strong is always filled with expert wisdom relating to Associations. We dove in quickly into all things email on our episode on Communications that Connect and Engage – starting with why do Associations Love and Loath email? When is the right time to bring in email support? Most importantly, I closed out the episode answering Tom's question "What are 3 new behaviors Associations need to change with email?" My answer:

  1. Testing – Always be testing! Gather data on what members respond and engage with. Then modify what you are doing based on the data.

  2. Review your welcome & onboarding campaigns, what feelings do they give to your new members? The first month of membership is critical to renewals and retention, give those welcome emails the attention they deserve!

  3. Evaluate your Renewal Campaigns. Don’t start off by saying “pay up!” You might laugh but we see it often. Every piece of communication up to your first renewal email should set you up for a successful renewal process. That first email should be a reminder of all those wonderful things.

The podcast is 49 minutes long, and though I’m a bit bias, worth your time!


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